COVID-19 UPDATE: Free 20min Consultation Until 14th April

We Help Australian Physios Move To Telehealth

Get all your questions answered including, payment processing, business structure, and marketing. 

Business Owner

Let us take the pain and uncertainty away from moving your practice online. Stay competitive and ensure client retention.


Uncertain on how to train your staff? Let us do it for you. Step by step guides to get you up and running fast.


Expand your clientele base Australia wide. There are no restrictions on who you can help. 

COVID-19 Update: Keep Your Business Running

The coronavirus has seen many physio businesses struggling with cancelations. Clients are seeking out care that can be delivered at home.

We understand that businesses have functioned in person for many years and moving to a new model can be stressful. Let us take the stress away.

Keep your existing revenue and staff by moving your business online now. Gain the trust of your clients and open up new revenue opportunities.

How We Help

Simple, Once Off Consultancy

Learn how your business can function both online and in person. You don’t have to do one or the other.

This can be a gradual transition that is easy to manage.

1 on 1 Training For Business Owners

We answer all your questions:

– How to take payments online.
– How to handle private health insurance reimbursements including worker’s compensation claims, and MVA.
– Learn how to use your existing booking system for both online and in-person consults.
– How to ensure you are secure and privacy compliant
– How both in-person and online consultations can co-exist together in one business.

Market Telehealth To Your Clients

It’s one thing to install a telehealth app, it’s another to convince your customer to use it.

We have designed an ongoing marketing package to help your customers transition to telehealth.

Hit the ground running with proven marketing techniques that help build confidence in the new telehealth system.

Physio Focused Knowledge Base

We have built a series of instructional docs and videos specifically for physio practices. 24/7 access to help train staff and understand how to transition to telehealth.

Getting Started is Easy


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Book a free 20 min consultation to see if online can work for you.

Choose Package

Choose the once-off package that suits your physiotherapy business.

Get Started!

Start taking clients online within a week. 

My Expertise – Chris Dinham

My passion is helping businesses navigate the online world. With more than 7 years of digital experience, I am uniquely posited to help physiotherapists transition to online consultations. I have consulted to hundreds of businesses in Australia both in digital transformation and marketing. Adding to that I am an award-winning marketer and passionate about health, sport and anything in-between.

"A great service from Chris. He has been very accommodating and understanding of my businesses needs... I would not hesitate to recommend him"

Sarah Tucker – Healthcare Professional, Perth

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get online?

We can get a small practice online within a week. If you are a larger company then a few more training sessions will be needed. 

How is the training delivered?

Due to the most recent virus concerns, all training is done via video stream. We use a popular software called zoom.

How long do I have support for?

We provide support for a total of 4 weeks. Support is based around helping the business owner transition the new business model. We can talk about ongoing support if needed.

Can I have both in-person and online consults at the same time?

Of course! Moving online is a growth opportunity. It is a way to treat clients that would otherwise not come into your physical premises. 

How much demand is there for online physiotherapy consultations?

Online consultations are attractive to people who:

– Work FIFO
– Live rurally
– Live with disabilities
– Are seeking out specialist care but cannot travel to you.
– Travel or work overseas

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